Pomona Majestic Members

... because we're fabulous. ...

... because we're fabulous. ...

The Majestic Theatre is the longest running silent film theatre in the world,  and continues to attract an international audiences. It has been an important place for local musicians to showcase their music. The theatre has been a venue for charity events. There has beenmany sold-out shows by iconic artists such as Archie Roach, Katie Noonan, Kate Miller Heidke, Barry Morgan, Andrea Kirwin and Mick Conway. This community owned not-for-profit venue is run entirely by passionate volunteers dedicated to supporting the Arts and preserving its place as one of the most iconic venues in Australia.

The variety of functions and events that the Majestic offers requires a broad range of skilled and talented volunteers to ensure their success. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the forms below to become a member and share your talents with us! We are looking to extend our skills database with volunteers who can assist with diverse tasks such as marketing, digital and social media, sound and lighting, hospitality service, pre and post event management, theatre drama practitioners, general building maintenance, grant writing and applications, administration, and happy positive people. 

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